asteroid smallParticipate in an Online TownHall about identifying incoming “asteroids” here. Or feel free to simply comment in the thread below.

We’ve had a few conversations about what constitutes an asteroid – beyond our big first four (climate change, entitlement spending, rising inequality and decrease in marriage rates/dissolution of the family).

An asteroid is something that – if not addressed – inevitably will get worse/closer/bigger/more dangerous. For example, as someone who has formed an organization to combat the deepening partisan divide, I consider growing partisanship and political tribalism an asteroid. In fact, it might be such a big one that it keeps us from deflecting the other incoming ones.asteroid small r to l

We think we’ll add “Chemical & Corporations” to address the concern among liberals that the growing influence of the food industrial complex over our food supply may have inevitable and severe consequences for our longterm health. And we also think that conservatives might be onto something as they worry about the decline of American greatness. The role of America as world leader can hardly be underestimated in the events of the last century. What happens in the world – or in America – without that leadership?

But, enough about our asteroids. We want to hear about your asteroids. Please post in the comment thread to suggest asteroids or participate in the Online Townhall. We might just add your asteroid, along with a little asteroid-deflecting research, to our official asteroids-coming-straight-at-us priority list.