(174) The employer acknowledges that the plans provide coverage and benefits for the employer and the employer is required to pay contributions for and for all workers who are members of the collective agreement unit represented by the Union, regardless of membership of the Union. (153) If part of this agreement is cancelled, the parties agree to engage in negotiations without delay, which must be concluded within sixty (60) days after written notification of the request for negotiation, with a view to obtaining a satisfactory replacement of the invalid part of this agreement. If the parties have not reached an agreement within this period of sixty (60) days, each party has the right to initiate arbitration proceedings in accordance with Article XII (arbitration tribunal) in order to resolve the surrogate language. (217) As part of the negotiations on the 1987 collective agreement, the parties intended the employer to comply with the provisions of Article IX – removal procedure for unscheduled overtime, provided that the employer had the right to work a worker in a lower priority group if none of the workers in a group was considered a higher priority for the performance of the unscheduled overtime in question. (14) Employers covered by this agreement are free to appoint their own representatives for collective bargaining and contract management. However, this designation does not affect the employer`s affiliation with the rate unit created by this agreement. Under the AU standard of excellence, members, through the local union and management, are held by signatory contractors and are responsible for effective solutions. (48) Employers whose main functions do not fall within the eu`s territorial jurisdiction and who, at a pre-conference conference, cannot grant a local banking reference to the Union`s economic representative, pay all salaries in cash or cash, unless the provisions of this paragraph are expressly repealed by the representative of the companies. (164) Any changes to the wage rate and pension contributions, the health and welfare plan, the pension and welfare plan, the pension plan and/or the fee deduction plan amends this agreement and comes into effect on the date requested by the Union, provided that the employer receives a written written notification of this change before the wage increase comes into effect. (202) Common Learning Fund – Each employer pays the Apprenticeship Fund the amount set in Article XX for each hour paid to each employer worker in the bargaining unit. These cheque payments are paid to the designated agent as custodian and forwarded to the designated agent no later than the 20th of the month following the calendar month in which the work was performed.