Another agreement entitled “Ugovor izme`u Svete Stolice i Republike Hrvatske o gospodarskim pitanjima” was signed on 9 October 1998 and ratified on 4 December 1998. [21] Agreement between the Holy See and Rhineland-Palatinate that adds and amends the previous agreements in force (29 April 1969) [Italian, German] These pages provide an overview of the bilateral treaties and other international acts that the Republic of Croatia has so far concluded with the various countries of the world, in alphabetical order, according to the country`s official abbreviated name. In addition, these parties also contain bilateral agreements or legal acts in force between the Republic of Croatia and the countries concerned by the bilateral agreement on the succession of bilateral agreements of the predecessor state, when such an agreement is concluded. ZAGREB, 7 February 2019 – Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) Prime Minister and President Andrej Plenkovic said Wednesday that the government opposes a review of the agreements between Croatia and the Vatican and stressed that the treaties would not be changed. Its name in Croatian is “Ugovor izme`u Svete Stolice i Republike Hrvatske o suradnji na podru`ju odgoja i kulture” and was ratified by the Croatian Parliament on 24 January 1997. The agreement provides for Catholic religious pedagogy as a subject of education in all schools in Croatia and allows the Catholic Church of Croatia to create and manage official schools and universities with state funding. The agreement should give Catholic higher education institutions the power to award academic and professional grades and diplomas recognized by Croatian law. [13] [14] [15] [16] [17] About HK 300 million is spent each year on religious teachers. [18] These treaties differ from the treaties between the Croatian government and the Croatian Episcopal Conference (HBK – Hrvatska Biskupska Konferencija in Croatian), the governing body of the Catholic Church in Croatia. The treaties in particular “The agreement between the Holy See and the Republic of Croatia on cooperation in the field of education and culture” and “The agreement between the Holy See and the Republic of Croatia on economic issues” have raised questions for a new agreement between the government and the HBK. [9] Croatia`s agreements with the Vatican have been a particular point of contention in the country in recent months. “It is a great success for us to have come to a plenary session and to have opened up the opportunity to discuss these four agreements,” said Anka Mrak Taritaa, head of VERRE, stressing that her party does not want to discuss religion and that it is not against churches or religious denominations.

“A review requires the support of two-thirds of MPs and the support of the other side, but we should discuss it,” said Mr Mrak Taritaa. ZAGREB, 11 October 2018 – The Holy See`s Secretary for State Relations, Archbishop Paul Richard Gallagher, delivered a speech in Zagreb on Wednesday to mark the 20th anniversary of the Vatican Economic Agreement on Croatia, saying it should be interpreted in a more nuanced way than a strictly practical interpretation.